The Importance of Stretching

The Importance of Stretching

Stretching should be a crucial part of every exercise routine. When the body is not properly stretched, this makes the muscle more prone to injuries and cramps, which impacts a person’s overall workout routine. Stretching before and after workouts help reduce the chance of injuries, while improving the body’s range of motion and overall flexibility. Apart from preventing injuries, studies suggest that stretching is critical to the body’s recovery progress. Here are a few reasons why stretching is essential for the body: 

Improves Circulation 

Studies have found that implementing stretches into your workout routine should be a vital part of the exercise. Stretching the body has been shown to help improve overall circulation in the body. Additionally, once circulation improves in the body, this also increases blood flow into the muscle tissues and joints. Furthermore, apart from exercise, stretching can also be done independently on its own. Altogether, implementing stretches into your daily schedule helps push the body through each workout, and also aids with the recovery process. 

Helps Minimize Inflammation 

After performing high-intensity exercises, it is not uncommon for the body to feel tensed and sore in the morning, or immediately after exercise. Unfortunately, inflammation leaves the body feeling uncomfortable and irritable in different areas of the muscle tissues. Fortunately, recent studies have shown that stretching helps minimize inflammation within the muscle tissues. When a person stretches, as stated above blood flow and oxygen increase within the body. Once blood flow increases, this improves circulation within the tensed areas of the body. Ultimately, this minimizes discomfort and unwanted tension in the muscle tissues. 

Improves Flexibility 

Equally important, stretching is necessary to help improve body flexibility and range of motion. Flexibility and range of motion are both crucial when it comes to exercise. If a person has poor flexibility or range of motion, it makes it harder to perform some exercises, which may ultimately lead to unwanted injuries during a workout session. For this reason, it is essential to practice stretches to help improve the body’s overall flexibility and range of motion. Once these two techniques have improved, this makes it easier for the body to perform more intense exercises without the risk of injuries. 

Helps the Recovery Process 

Lastly, stretching is critical because it plays a major role in the recovery process when it comes to exercise. If a person’s body is feeling inflamed or uncomfortable after exercise, stretching helps reduce muscle tension, which helps alleviate soreness. Additionally, excessive levels of soreness lead to sleeplessness, which prolongs a person’s recovery process. Altogether, stretching aids in relaxing the body and comforting the muscles to promote overall relaxation after exercise.